Alimony, Violence and Recusal

Wolfson v. Wolfson: March 18, 2015: 3rd DCA
3rd DCA granted writ of prohibition.  Trial judge should have recused herself as the trial judge's comments indicated that she had prejudged the case.

Polcz v. Polcz: March 18, 2015: 4th DCA
Trial court's calculation and ultimate finding that no alimony arrears were owed appeared to be in error as it was not reflected by the application of math to the facts before the court.  Further, no other explanation was provided as to why a finding of no arrearages was entered by the court.

Hair v. Hair: March 18, 2015: 4th DCA
Injunction for protection against domestic violence was reversed.  Petitioner failed to present sufficient evidence that she was a victim of domestic violence or was in imminent danger of becoming such a victim.  The fact that the daughter did not want to see the mother and mother's violation of an order entered in the domestic relations case did not support the entry of the restraining order.

Posted by Roy Smith on Mar 20th 2015