The Smith Family Law Florida Case Law Update: Week of May 7, 2018


Kane v. Kane: Fla 3rd DCA, May 9, 2018.

Trial court erred in entering contempt order for failure to pay alimony payments as former husband had not been provided notice of the motion for contempt or letters leading to the hearing on contempt.  Thus, due process had been denied.

Bellows v. Bellows: Fla 4th DCA, May 9, 2018

Trial court erred in entering order for durational alimony without making findings as to all statutory factors under Florida Statutes 61.08(2).  Trial court’s distribution of a valueless account was also improper when the monies had been depleted during the dissolution but there was no finding that the dissipation was due to intentional misconduct.

Posted by Roy Smith on May 11th 2018