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Florida Adoption Lawyers in Orlando

The adoption process in the state of Florida can be both rewarding and challenging. In order to ensure that the child will be placed into a stable, healthy household, there are many factors that must be considered. From filing of paperwork to visitations/interviews from social workers and/or representatives of family justice centers, the adoption process in Florida is far from easy. Fortunately with the assistance of an experienced Florida adoption attorney, you can be confident that you will gain permanent parental rights to a deserving child.

Florida Adoption Attorneys

At the Smith Family Law FIrm, PA, we pride ourselves in our ability to make the adoption process in Florida accessible and easy. With numerous years of experience in family litigation, our experienced adoption lawyers understand the stress that parents often encounter when attempting to adopt children that are not biologically their own. Our adoption lawyers have successfully secured adoption for step-parents/ stepchildren and children who have been in and out of the state foster systems.

Stepparent Adoption

Step-parent adoptions are often the easiest type of adoption procedures. In most cases of adopting a stepchild, the child is familiar with the step-parent and has lived in the care of the step-parent for many months or years. They are accustomed to the step-parent and feel safe and secure in their presence. The adoption process for step-parents requires formal consent from the stepchild’s parent. If the birth parent is unwilling to give the step-parent the consent to adopt, the adoption will be unsuccessful, unless it can be proven in a court of law that the birth parent is an illegitimate or an unfit parent.

Unstable living conditions, improper nutrition, sexual, emotional and physical abuse are all events that may seriously curtail a child’s proper health, growth and development. In such cases, the birth parent’s guardianship may be terminated and the step-parent may be granted full custody of the child.

Adoption Attorney Fees

The process of adoption in Florida is not cheap. In fact, adoption usually requires expensive fees and other expenses. With the assistance of a private adoption attorney, you can be confident that you will gain parental rights. This will allow you to avoid many of the wasted expenses that accompany adoption cases that are not successful.

You should also be prepared to present your property and monetary assets and demonstrate that you are financially sound and stable enough to provide for yourself and a child without excessive strain.

Orlando Adoption Lawyers

If you reside in the city of Orlando, FL, and you have a strong desire to adopt a child, you should contact experienced adoption attorneys at the Smith Family Law Firm, PA. Our adoption lawyers are compassionate and skilled. We understand that the general process of adoption can be emotional and tedious. We desire to make the process easier for you by advocating on your behalf and assisting you with paperwork and necessary documentation. In a court of law, we will successfully present you as a fit parent who is fully worthy and capable of providing for a child.

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