Divorce With Young Children

Difficulties of Divorcing With Young Children

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, it can have a detrimental effect on your children, especially those who have not fully developed. Divorces involving young children can become messy and extremely difficult. An experienced family attorney in Florida can help your family achieve favorable outcomes to minimize disruption and trauma in your child’s life.

Why Divorcing With Young Children is Hard

Young children are fragile human beings. Because they have not fully developed and reached their total cognitive and developmental capacity, it can be difficult for them to grasp and cope with large concepts and adverse conditions. While divorces are becoming increasingly common, the rate at which young children are properly adapting to such events shows that most young children have an extremely difficult time adapting to their new way of life after their parents obtain a divorce.

Unstable Emotions

Many young children may feel as though they have to choose between parents. They feel that they are unable to share their full loyalty and trust, and that they must favor one parent over the other. Unfortunately, this type of behavior often leave children experiencing guilt and shame. They may be embarrassed that their family is not normal, that they do not belong, or that they are the reason for the breakup.

In some divorces, one parent may prey upon these unstable emotions in order to obtain full custody.

Time-Sharing Issues

While co-parenting plans work, they are often accompanied with disagreements and inconveniences. As young children develop, they become curious and more social. Depending on the child’s sense of friendship and his/her activity load (i.e. football, dance practice, etc.), splitting time with the child can become quite difficult. It is crucial that the child’s well-being and sense of normalcy is not interrupted because of the divorce.

In severe cases, especially 50/50 parenting plans, money can be difficult to divide evenly between parents. If child support is imposed by a judge to ensure that one of the parents does his/her job, the young child can feel as though he or she has become a burden to both parents. These sort of feelings may contribute to long-term depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and general unhappiness. You do not want your child to grow up resenting you or your spouse.

Changing Lifestyles

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances and significant life events occur that require sudden responses. For example, a new job opportunity may require a person to relocate. Or, an illness may make it difficult for a person to make sufficient earnings and/or properly care for the young child.

Altamonte Springs, FL Family Attorneys

Young children are more vulnerable to divorces. They may experience an array of confusing emotions and instability. During these crucial stages of your child’s life, you have a duty to keep him/her as happy as possible in the midst of the domestic drama. At The Smith Family Law Firm, PA, our top priority is your young child’s well-being, health and happiness. Here is what an experienced Orlando family lawyer can do for you:

  • Help you mediate and resolve tense issues with your partner to allow for a smooth and positive divorce process.
  • Assist you and your partner with creating a co-parenting/time sharing plan that is fair, equitable, and meets the needs of the child.
  • Seek expert professionals to keep your young child healthy and well during the divorce process.
  • Plus more!

Decades of Family Litigation Experience

Do not risk causing serious harm to your young children because of a divorce. Contact experienced family attorneys at The Smith Family Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando, FL. With over 40 years of family litigation experience, we can help you through this trying time so that your young children may grow and develop properly, safely and healthfully.

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