Modification of Child Support

Modification of Child Support Attorney

Modifications of child support can be granted if there has been a substantial change in circumstances justifying an increase or decrease in child support.  This reason is typically one in which a party’s income changes or a party becomes unemployed.  Modification may also be secured because a child is no longer needing daycare or child care or in older cases where one child has aged out and the judgment did not contemplate the recalculation of child support automatically.  Modifications of child support can also be the result of modifications of timesharing.  While modifications of child support can usually only reach back retroactive to the filing of a petition requesting this relief, there is an exception where the modification is due to one party not exercising timesharing, where the modification of child support can reach back to when timesharing stopped being exercised.  This is only applicable when the party who failed to exercise timesharing was receiving a discount in child support due to substantial timesharing.