Divorce Appeals

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Court-ordered divorce settlements may not always be fair, equitable or legal. If you suspect that your divorce ruling is legally unsound (perhaps due to spousal fraudulent behavior such as withholding assets or a judge’s mistake), you have the right to appeal.

Florida Divorce Appeal Lawyers

Divorce appeals in Florida can be very technical and difficult. There are time constraints to consider and important documents to submit. In order to win your appeal, you need to know the type of appeal that is applicable to you, why your original court ordered divorce ruling should be reconsidered, and what Florida divorce laws say about your unique circumstance.

It won’t be easy, but with an experienced divorce attorney, it is definitely worth filing.

Notice of Exception to the Report and Recommendation of a General Magistrate

  • Only for divorces ruled by a general magistrate
  • Must be filed within 10 days of court ordered decision
  • Case will be referred to a Circuit Court Judge for approval (or denial) of a scheduled hearing

Motion for Rehearing

  • Must be filed immediately after a court issued decision
  • Must have a compelling reason
  • Judge may approve (or deny) your request


  • Must be filed within 30 days following a court issued decision
  • Must prove that there was a violation of Florida’s divorce law
  • No evidence allowed

Motion for Relief from Judgement

  • Available for people who wait a month or longer to appeal a divorce settlement
  • Very difficult to obtain
  • Often made successful in fraudulent claims

You Need a Reliable Divorce Lawyer

Divorce appeals are extremely difficult. In order to be successful, you must file the appropriate type of appeal and submit sound supporting documents. It can be tedious and stressful. The assistance of an experienced divorce attorney can make the process much easier for you.

Here’s why you need a trustworthy divorce lawyer:

  • You must understand Florida divorce law. In order for your divorce appeal to be successful, you must understand Florida divorce law. There are many technicalities and procedures that must be adhered to by spouses, attorneys and judges. Often, legal errors made in divorce appeals go uncorrected because common people do not understand divorce law. Divorce attorneys, however, are very familiar with divorce law. They can identify legal mistakes and help you gain what justice demands.
  • In addition, experienced divorce litigation lawyers can help you understand legal terminology, numerical data and contracts that are often difficult to read and interpret.
  • You’ll gain equitable distribution. When there are no prenuptial agreements, determining an equal settlement can be difficult. During marriages, you and your spouse may have launched (or expanded) businesses. A business and divorce attorney can help you understand what is considered marital and nonmarital property. He/she can calculate accurate percentages and advocate for what you are lawfully owed.
  • You’ll have an easier experience. Overall, a divorce lawyer can make your appeals process go smoothly. He/she may assist with through investigations, evidence compilation and expert testimonial services. Further, filing of paperwork and deadlines will become convenient and memorable.

Altamonte Springs, FL Divorce Attorneys

If you reasonably suspect that something is not right with your divorce settlement, do not enter the divorce appeals process in Florida alone. You need tough, trustworthy and experienced divorce attorneys to assist you along the way.

The Smith Family Law Firm, P.A., is proud to serve Orlando, Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County the greater Central Florida region. Do not allow the divorce appeals process to battle you. With our help, you will be victorious.