Enforcement Orders and Contempt

Orlando Attorneys for Enforcement Orders and Contempt

In a more perfect world, once parties reach a written agreement or a Court enters a judgment or order instructing parties to behave in a certain way, a case would be done.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parties to willfully disregard agreements and orders.

When a party is in default of their prior court order, the other party can go back before the Court to ask that a Court enforce its prior rulings or the parties’ agreement.  Depending on the particular set of facts, the parties may be entitled to sanctions against the other party including, but not necessarily limited to, a claim for attorney’s fees and costs caused by the failure to abide by the agreement/court order.

In certain situations involving non-payment of child support or alimony, if it is found that there has been a willful refusal to pay, a Court may find a party in contempt and may actually order the offending party be jailed until a purge amount can be paid.