Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce Lawyers in Altamonte Springs, FL

In the state of Florida, marriages are considered sacred unions between spouses who build a family, sharing assets and property. When spouses decide that they no longer wish to continue their marriage, thereby gaining a divorce, there are many factors to consider.

How will the custody of children be shared and arranged? How will shared property and assets be distributed? Is spousal support and/or alimony an option?

In contested divorces, these sensitive questions can be extremely difficult to answer. A reliable contested divorce attorney in Orlando, FL, is necessary.

Florida Contested Divorce Attorneys

In uncontested divorces, spouses understand the unique circumstance that they in and they are able to compromise and reach sound resolutions regarding how children and property will be distributed within the family. Contested divorces, on the other hand, are much more complicated. In these sort of divorces, there is often a lot of emotional turmoil and instability present. Contested divorce costs can skyrocket if either (or both) spouses want to fight in court or draw out the process. As a result, the spouses are often unable to reach an agreement. It is then the court’s responsibility to determine how goods will be distributed. An experienced contested divorce lawyer can inform you of your rights and assist you with securing and protecting your hard-earned assets, investments and property.

Semi-Contested Divorces

In some cases, spouses are only able to come to a consensus about certain aspects in a divorce. For example, they may determine the spouse that will be responsible for being the primary care provider and live-in parent of the children. However, it may difficult for the spouses to reach an agreement regarding how property and assets should be distributed.

Unless there is prenuptial document, which explicitly states how property will be distributed in the event of a divorce, an experienced Florida contested divorce attorney will be necessary.

Here’s what an experienced divorce attorney can do for you:

Investigate: Not only are divorce lawyers well-versed in Florida divorce laws, but they are familiar with lengthy investigations. They have the means, skills, and resources to interview family members, friends, and even medical and financial specialists (if testimonial support will help your case). In addition, they have the ability to audit spending and funds within your household, often making them able to detect fraudulent and/or hidden funds of a spouse. By identifying funds that may not otherwise be indicated, you can rest assured that the distribution of property and assets will be distributed equally.

Protect Your Assets: If you have been significantly harmed in your marriage, (i.e. abuse, neglect, etc.), you deserve to be compensated. Likewise, if you have been treated wrongfully during your marriage, it is not necessarily fair or just for you to lose your hard-earned assets and property. An experienced contested divorce attorney can advocate on your behalf, ensuring that your property, investments and assets are secured.

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At the Smith Family Law Firm, PA, our divorce attorneys pride ourselves in the ability to aggressively fight for and protect your interests, while also being significantly considerate of the emotional devastation that you may be experiencing. We will work patiently and compassionately with you, while simultaneously advocating for your property in a court of law. We can also help you weigh any pros and cons if you are still figuring out which is best for you and your children: contested vs. uncontested divorce.

Contested divorce procedures can be messy, but the stress and financial damage can be less severe (even almost insignificant) if you rely on an experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, FL.

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