Child Support Lawyers in Orlando, FL

All parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children are safe, healthy and cared for. When couples divorce and/or split, families often become divided. There is much to be considered:

  • Who will the child(ren) reside with?
  • How will the expenses and needs of the child be afforded? And by whom?

Child support can be difficult to determine and demand, but with the assistance of experienced child support lawyers, you can trust that all of your child(ren)’s needs will be accounted for and made possible through Florida child support.

Child Support Attorney in Orlando, FL

At the Smith Family Law Firm, our Orlando divorce lawyers and family lawyers understand the significance of child support programs. Taking care of a child is not easy. It is also not cheap. Basic necessities (such as shelter, clothing, food), medical care, and extracurricular activities and programs require lots of traveling and money. When parents split, it can be difficult to split the costs of the children equally. Florida divorce lawyers are necessary to ensure that these basic needs are met so that your child(ren) has a normal, even positive upbringing.

Common Child Support Calculation Obstacles

How is child support calculated?

Child support, unlike alimony, has an actual mathematical calculation.  The starting point is to determine the net incomes of the parties (before life expenses are taken into consideration).  The amount of money needed to raise the child is then determined by the number of children when compared to the two parties’ totaled net income. The payor’s child support obligation is then calculated based upon what percentage his/her income is of the total combined income.  Two other expenses taken into consideration are health insurance costs and daycare/child care costs. The courts can then order a deviation from the guideline by up to 5 percent in certain circumstances.

The child support calculation may be further complicated by reductions when there is substantial timesharing. Florida now defines substantial timesharing as more than 72 overnights a year (20 percent of overnights as compared to the previous rule of 40 percent). As a result, it has become increasingly common for there to be a downward modification for substantial timesharing.

Parties are not allowed to waive child support as it is support for the child. If the parties enter into such an agreement, the court can reject the agreement or set it aside.

For more information on calculating child support in Florida, you should contact an experienced family law attorney at the Smith Family Law Firm.

Florida Child Support Laws

Florida child support laws often dictate how child support is determined. The law requires thorough investigation of the needs of the child or children, age, station in life, standard of living, and the financial status and ability of each parent. Child support arrangements are required to anticipate potential changes in circumstances and modifications.

Factors such as income, salary, wages, disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, retirement payments, social security benefits, spousal support, interests and dividends, unemployment, insurance and many other fiscal demands and/or benefits must be considered according to law.

In most cases, the higher the levels of income, the larger the child support payments from the noncustodial parent must be. An experienced Florida child support lawyer can assist you in understanding Florida child support laws and their application to your unique child support case.

Why You Need an Attorney’s Representation

Altamonte Springs divorce lawyers and/or family lawyers are pertinent to the success of your child support case. Here is what an experienced child support lawyer can do for you:

  • Calculate your child(ren)’s needs and expenses accurately (while also taking into account emergencies)
  • Verify that all accounts of spouses are accounted for when calculating child support amounts
  • Advocate and negotiate on your behalf in the event that the other parent is unwilling to comply with child support demands
  • Ensure that all forms and documents are submitted timely and appropriately to the right court offices
  • Ensure the overall health and wellbeing of your child

Child Support Lawyers in Orlando, FL

At the Smith Family Law Firm, our divorce lawyers are proud to serve Central Florida, including the areas of Orlando, FL, and Altamonte Springs. Our child support lawyers are truly invested in the well-being and future of your child(ren). We want them to have a positive upbringing. No child should be deprived of basic necessities, extracurricular activities to enrich their development, and/or future college opportunities. When child support is necessary, our aggressive, yet empathetic child support lawyers ensure that it is properly calculated, enforced and disbursed.

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