Department of Revenue Cases

Attorneys for Department of Revenue Cases

Department of Revenue cases are unique in that the party is represented by a State entity, The Department of Revenue, for the establishment of child support or for the collection of child support arrears.  These matters can be filed after a divorce or paternity case or even before paternity is established.  The Department of Revenue usually gets involved in matters where paternity has not yet been established because the Mother has contacted the Department for help or has applied for State assistance (such as food stamps or Medicaid).

If you are served with paperwork you need to respond swiftly, but also be aware that the Department cannot represent the Mother for purposes of timesharing issues.  The Department is only involved for child support purposes as children who are not receiving financial support from both parents are a burden on taxpayers of the State. 

If you are wanting to establish rights to see your child or to establish paternity you will need to file a separate action for this relief and notify the Department of this filing.

It should also be noted that when child support is established in these cases, as in paternity cases, the Court can reach back two years from the date of filing, if the child is 2 years old or older, to calculate retroactive child support.