Uncontested Divorce

Orlando Attorneys for Uncontested, Amicable Divorce

From time to time we are approached by individuals who claim they wish to be represented in an uncontested divorce.  Of these people, only a fraction are truly uncontested (meaning that everything has been resolved and agreed to).  Most of the time, these individuals simply are expressing a desire to work amicably through the process with one another.  It first must be known that even in cases where an attorney is being hired to essentially draft the parties’ agreement, the attorney can only represent one of the parties.  Joint representation is not allowed in family law cases even if the parties agree to waive the conflict (it is an unwaivable conflict).

Once the necessary paperwork is drafted, agreed to, and properly signed (including a settlement agreement and parenting plan), they can be filed with an agreed-to petition essentially asking for the agreement to be ratified.  Depending on your county, you may or may not need to appear before the judge to secure the final judgment.